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Month End Charts

Updated: Feb 7

Research Content

A summary of longer term trends and signals that flag any change of market sentiment. In this month’s edition


  • Bonds: After formation of trend reversal signals, the initial targets of 20mth ma have been achieved. Expect continuation of medium term trends towards lower yields. Curve range trading, but signals of a risk to higher swap spreads      

  • FX: USD Index range trading. USDCNH at key levels (will it trade lower?). EURCHF remains in strong downtrend        

  • Equity: Continued strong price momentum for indices, but with some notable underperformers. Chinese stocks the standout with new multi-year low printed in January.

  • Commodities: Bullish signals for Gold in Eur. Potential bullish signal (but NOT yet confirmed) for Agricultural Index, whilst oil in wedge.


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Month End Charts

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