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About The Grey Fire Horse

Edward Ballsdon (London, England)


Experienced Investment Strategist with a strong track record in financial markets. Skilled in Global Macro, Debt Cycles, Inflation, Interest Rates, Foreign Exchange and Derivatives. Strong finance professional with a Business Studies BSc Degree. 

Career Highlights:

  • Developed a macro framework based on private and public sector debt trends to determine credit and inflation cycles for different economies. Existing and likely future monetary and fiscal policy is overlaid onto the cycles to successfully forecast future paths of interest rates, credit and equity performance.

  • Identified key market trends over the last two decades, including the Japanification of the US and Europe, as well as the leveraging of many smaller G20 economies. 

  • First-hand experience of the 1991/92 UK Construction sector collapse proved invaluable in anticipating the US and European Real Estate difficulties in the 2000s.

  • Foresaw the recent US, Irish, Italian and Spanish banking crises through close involvement in the 1990s Japanese and Scandinavian banking crises.

  • Strong track record of developing successful investment themes

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