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Out from Pasture to the Racecourse

After three eventful years working with a fantastic team in an extraordinary start-up, financial markets have tempted me back.

Working at Rensair has been hugely rewarding, a real learning experience and opened my eyes to a huge amount of issues that are just not present in the bubble of finance. I will summarise these in a separate blog post as I believe these learning experiences are important to help understand financial markets and macroeconomic trends, as they cover important aspects of the global business supply chain, government policy, real estate practices, productivity (or the lack of), procurement practices etc etc

Going forward, I will be publishing some simple and brief macro comments on with the aim of highlighting some deep rooted issues facing populations at large. As always, posts and comments will be backed 100% by data rather than opinions.

This will complement the much more detailed macro research that will be available on a subscription basis to a limited number of people.

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