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Australia macro and Opportunities

Research Content

This publication analyses

  • Sovereign and Private Sector debt trends, and how domestic investors are going to have to DOUBLE their investments in AGS in the next 6 years

  • Housing and mortgage market and how RBA policy is one of the causes of high rental inflation

  • Inflation trends

  • Leading indicators


There is an analysis of Fixed Income, FX and equity markets, whose pricing seem to be incompatible with the macro analysis. Whilst yields and AUDUSD seem to be in a range in the short term, both seem ready to be surprised. Worth keeping an eye on Base and Industrial metals, which are testing long term key supports – breaks lower would have very important implications for government and private sector finances, and thus on currency (high correlation). There is also a discussion on equity valuations, especially with respect to Materials (23% of AS51) and Financials (29% of AS51).

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